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WEDDING DANCE LESSONS in West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, and Jupiter, Florida

Brian Nelson, Svetlana Kudimova, Wedding Dance, First Dance, Palm Beach, Fl

We specialize in wedding dance lessons, teaching  brides and grooms everything they need to know for their first dance.

As with most things in life, we believe that quality is where beauty lies. This is especially true when it comes to captivating your wedding guests with elegance and natural ease during your first dance.

So often, couples will make the mistake of difficult choreographed routines and complicated amalgamations that deter from the romantic atmosphere for which the first dance was intended. 

We recommend that couples learn a few easy steps and fundamentals to combine in ways that will mesmerize the guests. The large majority of couples accomplish this in 5 lessons or less. 

Occasionally, people will have more time and money to devote to their first dance. Usually, they are people who love to perform in front of an audience. For those of you who are performers, a more elaborate portrayal of romance on the dance floor is certainly an option.

Our objective is to make your wedding dance lessons easy, memorable, and fun. Having personally taught thousands of couples, we have come to understand the essence of what is important. Our goal is to make your first dance simple and effortless while creating a romantic atmosphere that you and everyone watching will truly enjoy. 

Brian Nelson, Svetlana Kudimova, Wedding Dance, First Dance, Palm Beach, FL


Wedding Dance Lesson Packages

1 free lesson ($120 value) is included with the purchase of our "Most Popular" wedding package. Prices are the same for individuals or couples and are based on 45-minute private dance lessons.


Last-Minute (2-Lesson Package) $230

You can learn to dance for your wedding for as little as $230. Generally, 2 lessons are not quite enough time to be completely comfortable with your first dance, however, it would be better than no preparation at all. For those who are very short on time or have a limited budget, this package would be a good option.


Really Fast Learners (3-Lesson Package) $330

If you feel as though you are really fast learners and have time to practice between lessons, 3 lessons in total might be sufficient to prepare for your first dance.

Most Popular (4-Lesson Package) $480 + 1 Free Lesson

Our 4-lesson package includes one additional lesson for free! By far, the most common and economical way to prepare an elegant, romantic first dance is to plan 5 lessons within 3-6 months leading up to your wedding. This generally allows you enough time and experience to become very comfortable and truly enjoy your wedding dance.

Additional Lessons

If you decide you would like to take more lessons after your initial package, you are welcome to purchase a second package. Some couples desire to make their wedding dance more of a performance with elaborate and expressive movement. This typically requires more time and investment. The more lessons, the more elaborate. Some couples have prepared for a year or more to create such an elaborate first dance!

No matter how many dance lessons you choose to take, we will always be facilitating the completion of your learning process accordingly. The above special prices are for the bride and groom's first dance, father-daughter dances, and any other family members or guests preparing for the wedding dance. There is a maximum of two packages per couple, and after the second package, lesson prices are at normal lesson rates.

Brian Nelson, Svetlana Kudimova, Wedding Dance, First Dance, Palm Beach, FL

Other Considerations

The Benefit of 45-minute Dance Lessons

Although actual lesson time is important, the amount of visits prior to your wedding carries tremendous value. Your body needs time to establish “auto-pilot” on the dance floor. Revisiting what you learn on each lesson is imperative so that you don’t have to think your way through the dance. In other words, four 45-minute lessons would be much more beneficial than three 1-hour lessons, even though the total lesson time is identical. On the other hand, if you are very busy and scheduling lessons is an issue, then consolidating trips to the dance studio and creating longer lessons of 1 hour or more might be the next best option. 

Creating Longer Lessons

You are welcome to reallocate your total lesson time any way that you prefer with a 45-minute minimum. For example, you could purchase eight 45-minute lessons and schedule six 1-hour lessons instead; or sometimes people will take two 45-minute lessons back to back. 

Just make sure to let us know in advance.

Sharing lessons with family and friends

Any family members or friends may use portions of any packages purchased. For example, 10 lessons could be split up as you wish, and used for the bride and groom, father-daughter, mother-son, bridal party, relatives, friends, etc., to save everyone money!

Gift Certificates: Instant E-gifts or Physical Gift Certificates

For your convenience, you can purchase “Instant E-gifts” or physical gift certificates using your credit card or PayPal. It’s as easy as contacting us and letting us know which package you would like.


Most often, lesson packages are purchased at the end of the first lesson with a check or cash; however, you are welcome to purchase lessons with a credit card or PayPal. If you have any questions, please contact us at 561-507-0212 and we will be happy to help you.

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