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BALLROOM DANCE TEACHERS of West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, and Jupiter, Florida




My love for dance began when I took my first ballet class at the age of 3. Growing up in Russia, I continued dancing in many different styles. At age 16, I moved to the U.S. to attend my last year of high school and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Dance. Although I have always loved many forms of dance, my passion for ballroom dancing is what fueled my competitive career. In 1996, I moved to San Diego to begin my professional career as a competitive ballroom dancer and teacher.

My life as a competitor has been filled with travel. Two or three events every month in different cities across the country is not unusual. Along with teaching, there are hours of practice each day and training by coaches both here and abroad. Two of the most rewarding moments in my life were when I received a title as a US Professional Rising Star Champion and placed as a Grand Finalist, ranking 5th overall in the country at the U.S. Open National Professional American Ballroom Championships. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that I have found since moving to the United States. I am so thankful and appreciative of this most amazing country and the wonderful people who have supported me in fulfilling my dreams.




Learn to Dance with Brian and Svetlana!

If you are looking for ballroom dance teachers in West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, or Jupiter, FL, you have come to the right place. We specialize in teaching ballroom dancing lessons to people of all ages.

While growing up in Minneapolis, I spent most of my life involved in competitive sports. I graduated from UND with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. My interest in dance began while watching my sister perform as a ballroom dancer. Over time, I was inspired to step into the competitive arena of ballroom dancing and leave engineering behind. I began a professional career teaching and performing in 1992 and after moving to Los Angeles in 1996, my former partner and I went on to become United States Open Professional 9-Dance Finalists. 

While living in LA, I had the privilege of teaching a number of celebrities, including cast members of Suddenly Susan, Designing Women, and ER. I also performed on Nash Bridges, E-Entertainment TV, the Anniversary of Dirty Dancing Premier, and other television programs and live events.

In addition to my professional competitive career, I have competed nationally with many students in all categories including

American Smooth and Rhythm, International Standard and Latin, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Hustle and many more.

Through my early years of teaching, wedding couples became a significant part of my daily appointments. The number of couples climbed well into the hundreds and my fortunate experience continues to grow.

For over 20 years, we trained with Peter Eggleton who recently passed away shortly after his 95th birthday. He was a legend in ballroom dancing and one of the most renowned coaches in the world. We spent 3 months a year in England learning from him for 12 of those years, and the majority of our other lessons were taken in Tampa, Florida where he had a second home. We feel extraordinarily fortunate to have learned from Peter for all of those years, and we are eternally grateful for all that he taught us about the art and true essence of ballroom dancing. We miss him dearly.

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